Law Gardner Present’s Webinar on “Legal Career in Sports Industry

Law gardener is a platform for every individual irrespective of any gender, religion, cast, creed whether the person is from law background or non – law background. Here we post latest legal news, simplified explanation of legal points, Organize Webinar’s, Post Quotes by various eminent Jurist & famous personality . Our motto is to give basics of law to every common man ,So our tagline is “Planting the seeds of law” .

Law gardener is organizing its Eight Webinar which will be live on YouTube on the topic “Legal Career in Sports Industry” with Mr. Roshan Gopalkrishna. Participants Can submit there questions they would like to ask to the speaker during registration itself & also they can ask the questions in the comment section
of the live stream.

Date of Webinar :- 24/08/2021 , Time :- 4:00 PM
Registration Link :- Click Here –

Note :- Participation Certificate will be given to all the participants after filing the
Feedback form which will be given after the session.
For any Query can contact on :-
E-mail :-
WhatsApp:- 9739634630

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