The Vikas Dubey Encounter Case: A Supreme Court-Constituted Panel Clears The Police

On Thursday, the three-member Judicial Commission established by the Supreme Court in the Gangster Vikas Dubey Encounter case presented its reports to the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

The commission, led by retired Supreme Court judge Justice B S Chauhan and comprised of retired Allahabad High Court judge Justice Shashi Kant Agarwal and former Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police K L Gupta, cleared the police action, ruling that there was sufficient evidence that Dubey and his gang were patronised by local police, revenue, and administrative officials.

In April of this year, the Commission presented its inquiry report to the state administration, which was placed before the Assembly on August 19.

The investigation stated, “evidence relating to the sequence of events that finally culminated in the death of accused Vikas Dubey does not generate any form of concern or question regarding the sincerity of the police version of events.”

The Commission, on the other hand, has urged an investigation into the “erring public workers.”

In its report, the group also voiced concerns about the state apparatus. According to the report, despite the filing of 64 complaints against Vikas Dubey, no attempt was ever made to appoint a Special Prosecution Officer to bring punishment in his cases. The state never applied to the court for the termination of his bail, nor did the court ever take him to a higher court. Dubey was the principal accused in the July encounter in Bikru hamlet in Kanpur’s Chaubeypur region, in which a group of gunmen opened fire on a police team sent to capture him. The encounter resulted in the deaths of eight police officers.

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