Legalfoxes Practical webinar on Trademark search, Registration and Reply to objection [September 5]: Register Now!

We are a full-service law firm that prides itself on combining knowledge, experience and expertise to create outcome-oriented solutions and ensure our clients stay ahead of emerging opportunities and risks.
​ Our areas of expertise include Criminal, civil and family litigation, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Rights, Direct and Indirect Taxation, Projects Energy & Infrastructure, white collar crimes, Banking & Finance, corporate services and compliances, Restructuring & Insolvency. Corporate & Commercial, Regulatory & Policy, Defence & Aerospace, Environment Health & Safety, Real Estate,  Technology Media & Telecommunications, capital markets, Debt Recovert, ecommerce and retail, consumer disputes, Insurance services, Registration services, Agreements and Deeds services and Investigations at various stages from the institution of case to its termination involving, pleadings, evidences, investigation, trial, revision, appeals, etc under various areas of laws viz. Civil Laws, Matrimonial Laws, Criminal Laws, Corporate Laws, Banking Laws, Consumer Laws, Divorce Laws, Child Custody Laws, Service Matters, Labour Laws, etc.

Lawyers in our firm have immense practice in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble
Delhi High Court, Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court National, State and District Courts, Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal, Delhi, National Company Law Tribunal, Central Administrative Tribinal, Armed Force Tribunal, Labour Courts and Tribunals inter alia consumer forums.

About the Webinar
In today’s day and age, without a name, your business has no identity. Without a brand, your goods/services have no value.
As a Lawyer/ Trademark Attorney, it is not only important to know the Registration Process and the functioning of the Tribunal but also to understand how to tender sound legal advice to your client on whether the name is worth being registered in the first place. After all, you must choose your battles wisely.
There are many intricacies which comes up while filing a Trademark application. All these practical aspects are not covered in your school syllabus, therefore through this Webinar, we will be understanding all such intricacies and practical approach to file a Trademark Application and protect the Brand from any passing off.

We are going to give you a tour around the concept of “Trademark Search, Registration and Reply to Objection filling“. It would help you anticipate the registrability of a given brand name, eventually turning you into a resourceful and reliable Trademark Attorney. As a business owner or a self-starter, it will help you pick the brand name which has high chances of getting registered.

What we will be discussing

  1. What is a public search?
  2. How to conduct an effective public search?
  3. What are the grounds under which the Registry can raise objections?
  4. How to navigate the IP India website
  5. Search on google for usage search (Live demo)
  6. Registration Process ( Live Demo)
  7. Reply to objection Filling ( Live Demo)

Resource Person – Advocate Atin Handuja
Trademark Attorney
Managing Partner Legalfoxes Advocates and Consultants

Who Should Attend?
If you are a law student or a legal professional in any area of practice, or someone just trying to figure out the importance of trademark registration for a new business, you can attend this webinar.
Date and Time : September 5
4:00 Pm

Fees: Rs 300
Certificates: Yes.

Registration Link –
Website –

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