LedX Presents Super Blogster- Blog Writing Competition [ last date of registration – 25th august , 2021]

About LedX :
LedX is an online innovative legal learning platform that aims towards procreating the way legal education is being taught and practically utilized by students across the Legal community. We are committed to providing the best learning experiences.

About Super Blogster Competition :
Super Blogster is an online Blog Writing Competition which attempts to gather talented writers which include students, research scholars, legal practitioners, and researchers.
The aim of this competition is to develop a community of intellectuals who can impart knowledge on contemporary issues. LedX focuses on inspiring generations, enhancing writing skills, and encouraging writers.

Blog Topics :

  1. Pegasus right to privacy and intrusion
  2. Freedom of relation from the lens of youth
  3. Artificial intelligence vis a vis Emotional intelligence in judicial system
  4. Role of artificial intelligence in legal education

Prizes :
● Student Category –
● Winner – Cash reward of INR.5100/-
● Runner up- Cash reward of INR.3100/-
● Blog Publication on http://www.LedX.Law
● The top 5 contestants will be awarded consolation prizes worth Rs.999/-* each.

● Professional Category –
● Winner Cash reward of INR.5100/-
● Runner up- Cash reward of INR.3100/-
● Blog Publication on http://www.LedX.Law
● The top 5 contestants will be awarded consolation prizes worth Rs.999/-* each.

E-certificates to all the participants

  • Introductory Offer Valid till 30th September 2021 only

Mode Of The Competition – Online
Language – English

Eligibility – We welcome submissions from legal persuants and legal professionals across the country.
We welcome submissions from Law Students and Legal Professionals.

Important Dates :
Last Date of Registration: August 25, 2021

Day for Clarification: August 27, 2021
Last Date for blog submission: August 31, 2021
Note – End of the day will be considered as 12 p.m.

Registration –
There shall be a nominal registration fee of –

● Student – INR 199/-
● Professional- INR 299/-
● Co-authorship allowed, restricted to 2 participants

  1. The registration fee shall be non-refundable and non-transferable in any circumstance.
  2. The last date for registration is August 25, 2021

Guidelines for Submission :
● The Write-up should be original and unpublished
● Co-authorship is allowed for 2 people only.
● Word Limit: upto 400 words.
● Font Style: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12, Line Spacing: 1. 5
● Citation Style: Bluebook 20th Edition, Times New Roman, Font Size:10, Line Spacing: 1. 0
● Multiple submissions are not restricted.
● The Write-up submissions must only be in English.
● The Writeups must not include political comments/hate speeches that may intend to prejudice any community/group; such comments shall lead to immediate disqualification of the write-up.
● Photos as an identity of the participants must be clear, without filter, and in professional attire.

General Instructions :
● The participants will receive the submission link after registration on their registered mail id.
● The submissions must be made through google forms using the same email ids as used during registration.
● By registering with us for this competition, the participant agrees to indemnify the organizers from and against all claims, suits, and damages based on any claim of copyright infringement, plagiarism, or unauthorized use.
● The participants not appearing in the top 2 (Students and Professional community separately) are allowed to publish their write-ups on other platforms after the declaration of results.
● The blogs ought to be written thoughts and feelings of their own rather than any other sources.
● Plagiarized content of any sort will lead to direct rejection.
● LedX is authorized to use the names, photos, and feature images of the blogs and the Winners as and when required to publicize the competition and its results.
● Feature images are not mandatory, however, they will add extra points.
●LedX does not suggest using any copyright-protected imagery to be submitted as the feature image of the blog.
● LedX will be not liable if the participant submits any copyright-protected imagery.
● The blog submissions will be marked on a scale of 1-100, which will act as a scale to guide our judges in evaluating the submissions.
● Well Researched, original, authentic, creative, and unique content will extract 50 points. Engagement, approach, Clear, fluid, with the flow content, will extract 25 points.
● Grammar accuracy, correct language, citations will extract 20 points, Feature images will extract 5 points.

Contact With Us :

Email Us: competition@ledx.law

Call at : +91-8819933310.
Whatsapp: +91-9977016777

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