Kumaraswamy advises Karnataka Government to handle Mysuru gang rape case just like Hyderabad Police

On Friday, the former Karnataka Chief Minister and JD-S leader HD Kumaraswamy advised the Karnataka government to handle the Mysuru gang-rape case just like Hyderabad police.
His gratitude for the Hyderabad police comes two years after all the four people accused in the rape and murder of a veterinarian woman in Telangana were killed in an encounter with the police.
Criticizing the Karnataka government over the incident, Kumaraswamy said that the state government should not allow youths to have liquor in open isolated spaces.
Speaking to reporters yesterday, Kumaraswamy said that the Government must be serious in handling these kinds of incidents while instigating action. Strict action must be taken in such incidents just like the Hyderabad police. The state government is at fault. It should not allow youngsters to have liquor in open isolated spaces.
The former Karnataka Chief Minister further stated that home ministry is a sensitive portfolio and the state’s Home Minister Araga Jnanendra must be attentive all the time.
Kumaraswamy’s remarks on Jnanendra came a day after the Karnataka Home Minister on Thursday questioned the timing of the college student’s visit to the isolated site on the outskirts of Mysuru where she was allegedly gang-raped by unknown men.

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