Asaram Bapu’s Request For A Stay Of Execution To Pursue Ayurvedic Therapy Was Denied By The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court denied godman Asaram Bapu’s request for a stay of execution on Tuesday, stating that the act for which he was convicted is “no ordinary crime at all.” Bapu had petitioned the Supreme Court for a stay of execution so that he may receive ayurvedic therapy.
Asaram Bapu, who is serving a life sentence at Jodhpur Central Jail in connection with the rape of a juvenile girl, initially applied to the High Court for release, claiming he needs Ayurvedic therapy due to his condition.
He was admitted to AIIMS Jodhpur after testing positive for COVID-19 on May 5. Simultaneously, he experienced internal gastrointestinal bleeding, which caused his haemoglobin levels to plummet dramatically.
The High Court, however, denied the bail plea and instructed the district and jail administration to ensure that Bapu receives adequate medical care at a reputable medical facility. So finally he approached the Supreme Court.
Wherein Senior Advocate R Basant, representing the godman, argued that just a six-week ban was requested due to his declining health and begged the Court to be “merciful.”
The Supreme Court, on the other hand, declined to accommodate him and when Basant claimed that there was no therapy in jail, Senior Advocate Manish Singhvi, representing Rajasthan, argued that the convict was receiving all required care in jail.
The Rajasthan government also rejected the petition, claiming that Bapu was attempting to relocate his detention location under the pretext of seeking medical care.
“The accused’s mode of operation is identical to the tone and tenor of the current petition,” the State administration stated.
After the Rajasthan High Court had previously refused him relief, a Bench of Justices Indira Banerjee, V Ramasubramanian, and Bela M Trivedi issued the decision by not permitting his bail application.

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