Domestic LPG cylinder rates hiked by Rs 25 for 3rd straight month.

The costs of the non-subsidised household gas cyinders have been climbed once more with impact from nowadays. Usually the third climb in around last two months. On July 1, the cost was expanded by Rs 25 and the moment climb came on August 17 by Rs 25. The LPG costs were climbed by Rs 25 nowadays once more taking it to Rs 884.50 per barrel of 14.2kg. The Congress today claimed that the LPG costs have been multiplied within the 7 years of the Modi government.

1st march 2014 Cost of gas barrel Rs 4101 September 1, 2021 cost of gas barrel Rs 8841 More than twofold the cost in 7 years This can be Modi’s guarantee of ‘Acche Din It’s only great days for BJP whereas the common man’s budget days are being plundered,” said Congress representative Randeep Singh Surjewala.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi moreover pummeled the Modi government for the LPG cost climb “Prime Minister, there are as it were two sorts of improvement taking put beneath your run the show. On one hand, the pay of your very rich person companions is expanding. On the other hand, the costs of basic commodities are expanding for the common individuals. In the event that this is often improvement (Vikas), at that point the time has come to send this vikas on avkash (take off),” said Priyanka.

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