Schools Should Not Compel Children To Attend Physical Classes: Telangana High Court

A two-judge Bench of the Telangana High Court comprising of Acting Chief Equity M. S. Ramchandra Rao and Justice T. Vinod Kumar on Tuesday gave a arrangement of headings on the government Reminder issued relating to the opening of all schools within the state from Sept. 1.

The government issued the Notice on August 24th, coordinating to revive all the government and private schools within the state to commence physical classes.
The board was managing with a summons supplication recorded by B. Krishna Mandapati challenging the said reminder. Senior Counsel L. Ravichander showing up for the solicitor pointed out different troubles to the board counting the way in which the government passed the display notice without putting in put any SOPS for the school.

It was too pointed out to the board that, it would be troublesome for the understudies, more especially primary and pre-primary to preserve social distance and wear veils, coming about in children to be COVID carriers to their homes.
A question was moreover raised expressing that, the schools moreover don’t have satisfactory framework more especially additional classrooms and associated framework to partition the lesson into two for social distancing, and not satisfactory nursing staff for any emergency therapeutic help.

Counsel pointed out that a prior division bench had called for operational points of interest of schools from the government which has not been imminent. B.S. Prasad, the Advocate General for the State educated the board that the state after going through different discourses with different committees has issued the reminder counting the UNICEF request.
It was advance informed that the state is administering all the schools to see that, all the conventions are being taken after by the schools.

The board raised different concerns expressing how the existing few DEO’s can oversee all the schools within the city. It was pointed out that the notice issued by the government is without any clarity.

After considering all the pleadings, the Bench issued a arrangement of bearings to adjust the rights and interface of all stakeholders.
Therefore, it was directed that no school children either private or government school might be compelled to go to the school physically. Encourage, no private or government school ought to put any kind of punishment on the children for not going to the physical school.

The government ought to not penalize any School for not conducting classes physically. The board too coordinated the school to not demand upon any undertaking from the guardians and in case any such undertaking is collected the same isn’t substantial. It assist coordinated that all the schools ought to take all safety measures for running physical school.

It too assist coordinated the schools to continue online schools at the side physical schools in crossover mode. The board moreover coordinated the state to draft and execute SOP’s for the schools and all the schools to strictly follow the same. The board coordinated the state to record its counter in conjunction with all the measurements and steps taken by the state towards the foundation made for children more particularly paediatrics.

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