Supreme Court Refuses To Entertain West Bengal Govt’s Plea Seeking Permission To Appoint DGP Without UPSC’s Involvement.

The Supreme Court on Friday denied to engage an application recorded by the West Bengal Government looking for authorization to delegate its possess Director General of Police (“DGP”) without Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) involvement.

Senior Advocate Siddharth Luthra, showing up for the West Bengal Government, looked for authorization to pull back the application after the seat communicated reluctance to engage it. Attesting that the State had independence and extreme control of superintendence over police authorities, the WB Government in its Mediation Application had asked the Top Court to adjust its 2018 arrange within the Prakash Singh’ case on police changes that had forced a command on the State.

Governments to delegate DGP from a board comprising three most senior police authorities, arranged by the UPSC. The bench of Justices LN Rao, BR Gavai and BV Nagarathna, whereas permitting State to pull back the application, remarked,

“Mr Luthra, we’ll permit you to pull back this application and you’ll argue this point within the amicus. We have people who record petitions, in case states too begin doing this, how will we listen the things. You simply say that bail things are not being listed?

” The Court has in any case permitted West Bengal Government to implead within the primary case relating to police reforms.

During the course of hearing Advocate Prashant Bhushan showing up for Prakash Singh asked for an early hearing of the most appeal on police reforms.

Agreeing to hear the matter in October, 2021 the bench said, “Yes we’ll begin hearing the matter. It hasn’t seen light of the day since numerous years.”

Stressing on the point that the State of West Bengal’s application looking for comparative headings was prior too not permitted, Justice Rao inquired the Senior Advocate Siddharth Luthra to not record rehashed applications.

“Your contention was rejected prior moreover. Mr Luthra, we’ll be exceptionally Straight to the point. It would be ideal if you do not record rehashed applications. Usually an mishandle of the method of law,” said Justice Rao.

The State Government had fought that inclusion of UPSC in determination of DGP of state was not reasonable beneath the Constitution of India and was against the government texture of the Constitution.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs within the sworn statement recorded in Prakash Singh’s case had acknowledged the position, the application also stated.
Averring that UPSC had a restricted part to supply discussion on the principles to be taken after within the arrangements to benefit of Union and promotions and exchange of such candidates, the West Bengal government in its application had expressed that UPSC might not be depended with the work of planning the board of officers for the arrangement of DGP till Parliament makes a modern law.

Emphasising on Articles 320(3) and 321 of the Constitution of India, the application had fought that UPSC not one or the other had the jurisdiction nor the skill to consider and designate the DGP of the state.

Case Title: Prakash Singh and Ors v Union of India

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