CBSE Compartment, Private & Patrachar Students Can Take Provisional Admissions Before Results : Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Monday clarified that the understudies showing up for CBSE Private, Patrachar and 2nd Compartment exams for Course 12 can apply for higher affirmations beneath the UGC and AICTE temporarily indeed some time recently their results are announced, subject to undertaking to deliver their results some time recently the concerned college inside one week of the announcement of results.

The Court passed this arrange based on the entries made by the advises of UGC and AICTE that such understudies can make temporary applications for admissions.

The Court moreover recorded the undertaking made by the guide of CBSE that the results will be announced before September 30.

A Seat comprising Justice AM Khanwilkar, Justice Hrishikesh Roy and Justice CT Ravikumar was hearing a summons appeal recorded seeking directions to CBSE to announce results of Course XII Private Patrachar/2nd Compartment Understudies quickly.
Advocate Anjaneya Mishra, showing up for the applicant, submitted that about one lakh understudies are taking the 2nd Compartment, Private and Patrachar exams. He included that numerous affirmations to colleges have as of now opened and consequently the applicants are uncertain of losing out seats before the statement of their results.

Based on the entries made on sake of UGC and AICTE, the seat directed the following order:
The central grievance of solicitors is that CBSE may delay declaring of comes about of Lesson XII Private, Patrachar & 2nd Compartment Understudies resultantly denying them confirmation for higher ponders. The direct for CBSE on enlightening expressed that comes about of all understudies counting Private, Patrachar & 2nd Compartment Understudies will be announced before 30 September as attempted before this Court on an prior event. That position is emphasized & recorded.

Counsel for UGC pointed out indeed if results are not accessible and confirmation handle for higher thinks about commences before 30 September, the applicants and additionally arranged students can apply for affirmation on temporary premise subject to creating the comes about announced by CBSE on or before 30 September. The Guide for AICTE submits that applicants will be allowed temporary affirmation subject to producing results announced by CBSE
In other words, solicitors and additionally arranged understudies can apply to important courses for seeking after higher studies on temporary premise and on giving undertaking that comes about as announced by CBSE will be submitted to concerned college inside one week of its issue”

Advocate Rupesh Kumar showed up for the CBSE and Advocate Harish Pandey showed up for the AICTE.

Case: Shashank Singh v. Union of India and others

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