Australia may cancel test cricket with Afghanistan if Afghan women’s team banned

The International cricket council stated on Wednesday that they are concerned by Taliban cultural commission deputy head Ahmadullah Wasiq’s comments regarding Afghanistan women’s cricket team.

Taliban cultural commision deputy head Wasiq told Australian broadcaster SBS News: “I don’t think women will be allowed to play cricket.”

CA said they “support the game unequivocally” for women at all levels.

If these recent media reports and regarding Afghan women’s cricket team is substantiated

Cricket Australia would have no other option except to not host the Afganistan for th forthcoming test match.

The first ever test between Australia and Afganistan were scheduled from 26th November in Australia.

Taliban has already given their support to Afghan men’s cricket team. However, under ICC rules all 12 full members must have a national women’s team, with only full members able to play Test matches.

The ICC expressed concerns after Wasiq’s statement regarding Afghan women cricket team.

He said that women shouldn’t be allowed to play cricket because it’s not necessary for them. Further he added that in cricket the women team might face a situation where their face and body will be uncovered and this is not acceptable in islam.

ICC stated in a statement that they are committed commited to overall and long term growth of women’s cricket and during the past few years there have had a steady growth in Afghanistan despite of all the cultural and religious issues. Further they added, they are continually monitoring the change in Afghanistan atmosphere and are concerned to note recent media reports according to which Afghan women’s team won’t be allowed to play cricket.

Regarding these recent media reports and what will be it’s impact would be discussed in the forthcoming meeting by ICC board.

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