Telangana Government launches “Medicines From The Sky” Project

As the need of improvement in the arena of medicine in India has become the center of focus in the Covid-19 era, various new initiatives are being taken at the centre and state level. In the view of the same, the government of Telangana, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, NITI Aayog and HealthNet Global of the Apollo Hospitals has introduced “Medicines From The Sky” project. The project, with its prime objective of transporting vaccines and more essential products to remote areas with drone assistance has been launched by Jyotiradtiya Scindia, the civil aviation minister of India and is supposedly “a first of it’s kind”. According to Scindia, this project will be taken up in 16 green zones in Telangana itself as of now and will later be scaled up countrywide. As per the NDA government’s new drone policy at the centre, rules and restrictions in respect to drone operations have been relieved; In the past, as many as 25 forms needed to filled which have now been reduced to 5 and the fee amount type charged from the operator from 72 to 4. Though any kind of permission is not required for flying drones under the green zone, in the yellow zone one needs to get a permit while red zones are strictly no-fly areas.

“Today is a revolutionary day not only for Telangana but for the whole country”, the minister was quoted as saying.

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