Pradeep Kumar Yadav vs U.O.I

Supreme court today dismissed the PIL filed by petitioner asking for ex-gratia amount of 50 lakh to close relative of an advocate died due to covid . deceased was below 60 years of age .

A 3 judge bench of justices DY Chandrachud , Vikram Nath and BV Nagrathna called the PIL bogus and scolded petitioner and warned him of fine.

Justice Chandrachud said wearing black coat is not an exception , you cannot demand anything and will be allowed by the judges for the same . Thousands of people suffered you are not the special case .

Hearing such harsh words of respected court petitioner wanted to withdraw but the court refused . Bench emphasised that apex court has already passed the judgement in this regard .

We need to impose fine upon you , If we see the petition there is not a single relevant ground . Court see every detail don’t just copy paste .

Court termed this petition as  ‘publicity interest petition’ and dismissed petition with 10,000 additional cost .

Petition primarily asked for following relief :-

“ Court to issue writ of mandamus or writ of similar nature order or directing the authority to pay the amount of 50 lakh as obligation to relative of advocate died within age of 60 years . Monetary help must be given in corona because only source of income was advocacy and no earning source currently”  .

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