Afghan female Football players enter Pakistan via Torkham border

Members of Afghanistan’s national women football team arrive at the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) in Lahore.(AFP)

Amid the Taliban rule in Afghanistan and due to fear of persecution, members of Afghan female football team arrived in Pakistan along with their families.

However initially it was not clear about the number of women players and their family that were allowed to enter Pakistan.

Pakistan’s information and broadcasting minister Fawad Chaudhary welcomed the members of the Afghan football team, saying the players entered the country via the Torkham border. He further stated that they had a valid Afghanistan’s passport and Pakistani visa, but didn’t elaborate what kind of visas were issued.

“We welcome Afghanistan Women football team they arrived at Torkham Border from Afghanistan, The players were in possession of valid Afg Passport, pak visa,” tweeted Chaudhary, adding that the Afghans were Nouman Nadeem of Pakistan Football Federation.

According to the Dawn, Pakistan’s English language daily, the female footballers were issued emergency humanitarian visas after the Taliban’s return to power.

The new Islamist hardliner government of Afghanistan don’t women to play any sport where potentially their body could be exposed.

They have have also re-established the ‘ministry of propagation of virtue and prevention of vice’ to impose their harsh version of Sharia law that prohibits women from venturing outside their home without a male relative or work alongside other men.

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