Attorney General Sanction to Initiate Criminal contempt proceedings against Ajeet Bharti

The Attorney general of India , KK Venugopal has given his consent to start criminal contempt proceedings against Ajeet Bharti ( Hindi Journalist) for his making ‘abusive’ and ‘highly derogatory’ remarks in his youtube video played on 24th june , 2021 against supreme court and its judges .

He states that contents of video are watched by 2 million viewers are abusive , gross and disparaging to supreme court and high courts of india , directly attacking its sacred status .

Allegations of bribery , nepotism and corrupted absolute power are made by the free spoken journalist .

AG consented to initiate proceedings against him and has showed zero tolerance .

“Irrespective of any motive behind making this video , it can clearly be inferred that speaker was well rad and had known the aftereffects of video . That he will surely invite contempt of court .  Undoubtedly the words uttered by him will injure the authority of court in general public and harm the smooth administration of justice” .

Ms. Kritika wrote letter to AG raising concerns and asking for consent for criminal contempt under section 15 of contempt of courts act , 1971

In her letter she referred the statements pointedly and emphatically stated by Ajeet Bharti :-

  • The Hon’ble court harasses those criticising “at its fucking will” using web of collegium and contempt of court .
  • The apex court judges ‘pressurised’ to hear terrorist plea in midnight while relevant issues do not get heard in bright light .
  • Our blind judges cannot see the hidden agendas in cover of protests , sword of justice is rusted from money and court has  no longer remained “holy cow” .

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