Supreme Court allowed to immerse Ganesh Idols in Hussain sagar lake this year .

The apex court has allowed Telangana state government giving permission of immersion of POP idols in celebration of “Ganesha Chaturthi” this year as last chance .

The court asked for affidavit that on the day of immersion state administration will take care of pollution control abiding by high court directions for immersion will be seriously followed by next year .

The directions issued after solicitor general of state of Telangana promises the court that as soon as POP idol will be immersed . It will be lifted out by cranes with immediate action and dispose accordingly and Hussain sagar lake will not be used for immersion from following year .

Bench comprising of CJI NV Rammana and Jus. Surya Kant was hearing the matter raised against the orders of Telangana High court guidelines .

Bench observed ,

  • Inspite of several directions given by court
  • The government has not complied with it.
  • These immersions are increasing pollution .

While giving directions bench expressed its dissatisfaction with the attitude of state government and use of POP which should have been prohibited much before .

The public discipline is also necessary in such large gatherings and they cannot be controlled at very moment . Displeasured with state government actions which are now impossible to perform . CJI remarked .

SG assured the court that from next year this will be taken care of , CJI told every year a good amount of money spent on purification of lake , and if this all will continue what is than point of the money spent .

SG replied we found solution , A symbolic immersion can be performed and than taken out .

High Court’s Order

  • On 9th September High court issued guidelines .
  • Not to allow Ganesh idols made of POP for immersion .

Only allow POP idols when :-

  1. Baby ponds
  2. Separated ponds detached from main water body
  3. Little and eco- friendly Ganesha

Pollution control board and state government are directed to ensure the implementation of guidelines .

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