Tripura: CPI(M) confirmed to fight back against BJP and not afraid of the rise of TMC in state election

The Communist Party of India-Marxist have made a firm stand in Tripura whereby the Party publicly declared that they will continue their fight against the BJP party and will not fear the possible rise of TMC party in the state. The veteran CPI (M) leader Mr Manik Sarkar, the four-time Tripura Chief Minister and presently the Leader of Opposition have raised a huge concern over “Denial of Democratic Right” on the opposition parties in the state of Tripura. This statement came as the result of the violent clash that recently took place between the BJP and the Left supporters.

After failing to meet the 1st Citizen of the country, Mr Ram Nath Kovind, the former Chief Minister and the Politburo member of CPI(M) Party, Mr Manik Sarkar went back to Tripura on Wednesday (15th September, 2021) whereby he vowed to “continue the struggle”. He also specified in his statement that his Party is “not scared” with the possible rise of the Trinamul Congress in the state of Tripura. After Sarkar’s visit to Delhi, the general secretary of CPI(M) Party, Mr Sitaram Yechury tried his best to draw the attention of Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi with regards to the undemocratic political violence that took place in Tripura.

Mr Sarkar made many severe allegations whereby he said in his statement that BJP has attacked all “democratic-minded, secular and peace loving citizens” in Tripura. In addition, Mr Sarkar also said that if this model of experiment of governance succeeds in Tripura, then the one- party rule will soon be replicated in the whole of the country.

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