Jammu & Kashmir order making  government employees liable for failure to report cases harming national security by their kins .

The Jammu and Kashmir government issued an order to its government employees to all of them have who have been found for sabotage , treason, sedition , terrorism and incitement to violence .

Their job will be terminated and will be stopped from further promotion .

The government further states in the order that those government employees who will fail to report the cases and incidences of hostilities by their relatives towards state will also be terminated and face serious consequences . Whose relatives are directly or indirectly involved in such attempts to harm national security and country’s integrity .

These orders are made in accordance with J&K civil services Instructions Act, 1997 :-

“Every government employee will maintain absolute integrity, honesty and allegiance to UOI”

Following are the list of actions government employee must abstain from doing :-

  1. Involvement in any kind of sabotage, terrorism, incitement and espionage .
  2. Showing sympathy to the sinners , who committed above act .
  3. Involvement of his near and dear ones in above mentioned activities , by his family , friend , relative . affected personality or by whom employee got influenced poses great security risk
  4. Failure to report unauthorised association .

List of adversely reported employees to be prepared by govt. from time to time  .

List will be prepared time and again and concerned administrative authority will take take cognizance and further report to general control body .

Which then go to UT screening committee for ultimate decision .

In such case if employees are in list of promotions they will be put on hold immediately .

“Action includes termination from government services , decisions can be reviewed by reviewed committee on representation of aggrieved party “ .

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