Emotional moment for me on my birthday :PM MODI

Pm Modi said a political party was having fever soon because of the raise in the covid vaccine number on Saturday. The number on PM Modis birthday touched 2.5 crore a feat that’s still to be achieved by any country in the world.
The PM was interacting with Goas healthcare workers and vaccine beneficiaries of covid. The interaction was through a video conferencing were PM congregated the Goa CM and the healthcare workers for 100% vaccination of the adult population in the state.
He said India felt proud on Goa for its achievement of 100 % first dose vaccination. Goa has set a example and is leading the number of vaccine administrated in the country.
Also stating the importance of the covid vaccine. And all people taking the vaccine the PM said he people have acquired a safety net by taking vaccine in the pandemic when the country recorded a massive 2.5 crore vaccines administration. “birthdays come and go but this was emotional for me”.
The PM also stated the importance of how the health care workers and doctors have risked their own life and are trying to save the lives of others. That this record by the health care workers of 2.5 crore vaccines have been massive achievement on their side.
According to the statistics nearly 425 vaccine a second and nearly 26000 vaccine a minute very administered yesterday which is not a simple task to achieve.

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