Planting of trees a political message?

On the birthday of ex deputy chief minister of Rajasthan Mr Sachin pilot his supporters have planed to plant trees all across Rajasthan. A senior congress leader revealed that all of pilots supporters have decided to plant trees across the city.
Its believed that its to send q message to all people on the support he enjoys of the public. Pilot had a meeting with his supporters and party workers from his residence on Tuesday.
The planting of trees is the highest a record-breaking exercise, surpassing the single-day record of planting 611,000 saplings in 2009 by a team of volunteers led by the then Dungarpur district magistrate.
The planting of trees is seen as political message by political analyst because of the uncertainty in the Rajasthan state politics they believe it’s the way of making the senior leaders realise the power of Mr pilot.

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