The CBI Court will issue an order on September 30 to reopen the investigation into the death of a Manipur student in Noida in 2017

The protest plea submitted by the family of Manipur student Pravish Chanam, who was discovered dead in Noida under dubious circumstances in September 2017, has been reserved by the Special CBI Court in Ghaziabad. The CBI, which took over the investigation from the UP Police in 2019, released a closure report on the case, concluding that there was no foul play. Against this, Pravish Chanam’s family filed a protest petition through Advocate Dushyant, stating that the investigating agency concluded the case without considering key pieces of evidence.

Pravish, a 22-year-old Manipur native who had travelled to Noida for a music festival, was discovered dead with head injuries on September 8, 2017.

The family claims that the local police incinerated Chanam’s remains as “unclaimed” following autoposy, without waiting for the family, despite the fact that they had filed a missing case after he went missing. Following massive public uproar for a proper inquiry into the crime, the case was referred to the CBI. After the CBI closed the case, calling the death “accidental,” Pravish’s cousin, Sh.Phanjouban Linthoingambi, filed a petition asking for a new inquiry by a competent authority, replacing the current investigating officer. It was stated that a variety of bodily injuries were mentioned in the post-mortem report, implying murder.

On September 30, the Court will rule on the protest petition.

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