India and Nepal have begun the 15th edition of joint Indo-Nepal military exercise ‘Surya Kiran’. The 15-day long training exercise will be held at Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. The drill will focus on countering terror attacks and handling relief operations.

A traditional style opening ceremony was held to mark the start of the exercise which will run till 3rd October, 2021. 

Reportedly, an Infantry Battalion from both the sides i.e. from India and from Nepal will train together during the exercise as this will facilitate them in developing inter-operability and sharing the experience of not only counter-terrorism operations but also disaster relief operations.

The main motive behind the annual bilateral military exercise is to enhance the coordination and inter-operability of both sides in joint combat. Through such exercises both the parties share their know-how and technical capability with each other.

According to the statement given by the army, Lt Gen SS Mahal, GOC Uttar Bharat Area had addressed the gathering and also was responsible for exhorting the contingents for training and strengthening mutual confidence and inter-operability, while also sharing best practices among them.

Lieutenant General Mahal has been quoted as saying “The understandings developed between the two armies at the top level recently are an encouraging sign for both the nations and their armies for further cooperation.”

The Indian side consists of the ‘6th Garhwal Regiment’ while the Nepalese are being represented by the ‘Ripu Daman Battalion’ of Nepalese army.

The Nepalese contingent had arrived on Saturday at Pithoragarh and was greeted with a ritualistic military welcome.

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