Women entry can’t be postponed in NDA : Supreme Court

The apex court refused to set aside the interim order passed by it to allow women candidates in NDA exam .

The supreme court has put down the request made by ministry of defence to exempt government from induction of women this year . Due to lacuna of infrastructural development and curricular changes , thus requests to extend the entry of women as NDA officer till, May 2022 .

Bench led by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul observed that this will lead to entrance of women as army officers to 2023 , Since exam will be conducted in 2022 . This will prolong and postpone their entry . The army is skilled to deal with such internal and external emergencies and court is confidant that defence academy will come with faster solutions .

Not many have enrolled this year so court believes instead of skipping this year’s entry try to work out something for them , Justice Kaul pointed .

Having rad the affidavit and problems written in it . The court orders that hopes and chance given to women by the interim order should not be taken away .

We understand your genuine concerns about accommodation , curriculum and fitness test , but having given hope we don’t want to take it back . Let us see the results , how many girls we can select , we are not disposing the petition completely .

To deal with emergency is part of military training we are sure that they will deal with this emergency

We thus not vacate the order but keep the manner in pending .

This exam may not give the best results but positively looking up on future – Court remarked orally .

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