YSR Telangana Party chief YS Sharmila was detained on Tuesday (21-09-21) by the police of Rachakonda. The incident took place when the chief, along with her supporters was staging a demonstration against unemployment in the state. The reason cited for the detainment is that the protests were being carried on without the due permission. The people were facing troublesomeness due to the same and Sharmila’s supporters had reportedly blocked the Hyderabad-Warangal National Highway in order to stage the protest. The police have made a public statement that conveys that as the National Highway is undergoing repair work, the protests could’ve caused traffic congestion. “We requested them to look for another location”, the police said.

It is worth noting that prior to the protest, YSRTP chief had met with the family of Ravinder Nayak from Peerjadiguda, who happened to be a young boy who committed suicide allegedly because he was unable to find employment. The party had allegedly sought verbal approval of the police for the protests but when Sharmila learnt that she has been denied the permission, she decided to take her protests outside the police station only. “Chalo Medipally Police Station” was the slogan raised by her as her cadre followed the party chief. Sharmila objected to being detained despite her demonstration being peaceful and after the detainment, her party workers sat on the road demanding her release. Notably the YSRTP has been staging protests against unemployment for a while now and Sharmila has blamed Telangana CM KCR for the increasing suicides among the youth of the stage due to lack of employment opportunities. However, in another interesting development in the whole debacle is the aspect of a group of women labourers turning up and alleging that the party had brought them to be a part of the hunger strike in exchange of Rs. 400 each, which they haven’t got paid yet.

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