Delhi: BJP Party protests against the Delhi State Govt over non-issuance of unemployment allowance to the youth

The Delhi state local BJP leader instituted the protest against the Delhi state government over the issue of not providing allowances to the unemployed youth in the city. The protest was staged near the residence of Delhi Chief Minister, Mr Arvind Kejriwal with an aim to strengthen the movement. The movement was launched by the Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday, 22nd September, 2021 against the Delhi State Government to raise voice on behalf of the unemployed youth.

The Delhi state BJP Party Chief Adesh Gupta claimed publicly that Kejriwal- led Aam Admi Party, in its seven-year rule in Delhi have only provided employment to 400 youths in the city. Mr Gupta also said in his words, “Kejriwal is now promising unemployment allowances as his party is going to contest assembly elections in Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Goa. Why he did not do the same in Delhi where there are 14 lakh registered unemployed youth”.

Kejriwal, being a national convener of the Aam Admi Party in his visit to Uttarakhand and Goa made a promise to the mass that his party will provide employment allowance to the youth where are due in next year.

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