PM Modi will launch Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission on September-27

India’s Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Damodardas Modi is all set to launch the first-ever ‘Digital Health Mission’ on 27th September, 2021 as declared by the Union Health Minister. Mr Mansukh Manduviya on 23rd September, 2021.

This innovative scheme of Digital Medical Service aims to digitalise the health care system across the country in order to develop and create a strong medical infrastructure in the nation and that will enable patients to store, access and consent to share their health records with doctors and can also access health facilities of one’s choice.

The Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission has its objective to reach the cent per cent citizens of the country in a nationwide manner in order to provide the facilities of Universal Health Coverage with Health Ids to all the citizens of the country.  There are many other facilities as well which also includes unique identifiers for doctors and health facilities, personal health records, and tele-medicine and e-pharmacy.

The Union Health Ministry also added in its statement that the PM’s Digital Health Mission will be beneficial to all the sections of the society which in its own way will also provide Universal health coverage in an efficient, accessible, inclusive, affordable and safe manner.

This national health infrastructure will be created through the means of a wide range of data, information and different other services under PMDHM. The Union Health Minister, Mr Mansukh Manduviya said in his own words, “Under this, a unique digital health ID will be provided to the people, which will contain all the health records of the person”.                                                                                    

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