Supreme court is happy and satisfied by centre’s relief fund for covid deaths .

The apex court on Thursday pleasured by the decision given by the national disaster relief fund , to provide an ex-gratia amount of Rs 50,000 to kin of the diseased by covid19 . It will be paid by states under state disaster relief fund .

Bench of Justice M.R Shah and A.S Boppana heard the matter . Court said that it would be a solace to those who had suffered in corona . Court expressed its ecstasy and appreciated the work of government,  admired the decision which will wipe out the tears from eyes of aggrieved .

Court said we have to regard the action of government and to admit this what India has done , no other country could do this . The Solicitor General Tushar Mehta proposed to the court that to ensure the uniformity of distribution we have put this responsibility on state governments out of treasury of SDRF , compensation of 50,000 to kin of  those who died .

It is irreparable injury but we can bridge some loss to the families and make them recover from the significant loss of their loved one .

The court was hearing petition filed on 30th June and directing NDRF to form guideline to allot compensation fund to those who died and to issue death certificate fast .  The centre had promptly filed the response to above guideline and issuance of death certificate . The court is contented with the government positive response and will give its final order on 4th October .

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