President Biden hosts first Quad leaders’ summit, PM Modi attends meet

Quad leaders also plan to roll out vaccines and announce a series of measures in the health care sector and infrastructure. by US President Joe Biden and said he strongly believes that the gathering of the four countries will serve as a “world power” and ensure peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific and the world.

In November 2017, India, Japan, the US and Australia unveiled a long-awaited proposal to launch a Quad to build a new strategy to keep critical offshore Indo-Pacific untouched, among growing Chinese troops At the invitation of President Biden, Prime Minister Modi and his allies Scott Morrison of Australia and Yoshihide Suga of Japan met in the American capital at the first Quad of People’s Conference in White House.

Opening the summit, President Biden said the two democracies had come together to address the common challenges from Covid to climate change. “This party has democratic partners who share global views and have the same vision for the future,” he said.

“We know how to do things and we are ready to take on the challenge,” he said.

In a brief and humorous speech, Prime Minister Modi said he was confident that “our participation in Quad will ensure peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific and around the world.” “I firmly believe that it will serve as a force for good,” Modi said.

“When the world was fighting Covid-19, after the Japan Tsunami in Japan, we came together and made humanity in the form of a Quad alliance,” he said.

He said Quad had decided to continue on the right path in line with the shared democratic values   of its member states. “I would love to talk to my friends – be it procurement, land security, weather action, COVID response or technology cooperation.” Morrison said the Indo-Pacific region should be free from coercion and disputes should be resolved in accordance with international law.

“The Indo-Pacific has major challenges and challenges to overcome. In the six months since the last meeting, much has been accomplished. We are standing here together in the Info Pacific region, ”he said.

“I hope we can hold a proper conference,” said Japanese Prime Minister Suga.

During the meeting, the four leaders are expected to discuss promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific, addressing the climate crisis and advancing cooperation in areas such as the Covid-19 conflict.

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