Prime Minister Modi had a gift for World Leaders at U.S.A

Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi is now on a political and diplomatic tour to U.S.A., where he had a successful bilateral meeting with the U.S Vice President, Kamala Harris. Mr Modi made a special gesture to the Vice President by giving her a special gift which undoubtedly touched her heart.

In a special heart touching gesture, Mr Narendra Modi presented the U.S. Vice President, Kamala Haris, a copy of an old notification related to her grandfather, PV Gopalan in a wooden handicraft frame.  Mr PV Gopalan was one of the respected government officials who gave his service in many different positions. Mr Modi also gifted Kamala Harris a Gulabi Meenakari Chess Set.

The Extreme excite craft of Gulabi Meenakari is very closely associated with Kashi, one of the oldest cities of this world. In today’s time, it is also famous for the constituency seat of Prime Minister, Modi. The beautifully crafted Chess Set clearly reflects the care and handwork given for this heart touching gift.

In addition to this gift, Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi also extended his love and respect to Australian PM by presenting him a Specially made a Silver Gulabi Meenakari ship. This ship was also beautifully designed and crafted which has reflected the culture and heritage of the city of Kashi.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Mr Yoshide Suga was also gifted with a Sandalwood Buddha Statue with the intention that the principles of Buddha will bring India and Japan together and will also enlighten both the country with peace, prosperity and a fair sense of wisdom in governance.   

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