Rohini Court Firing: A lawyer petitions the Supreme Court for guidance on how to improve court security.

Following the recent gunfire and assassination of incarcerated mobster Jitender Gogi inside Delhi’s Rohini Court hall, a lawyer has petitioned the Supreme Court, requesting that the Union of India and state governments take prompt actions and measures to ensure the security of the Subordinate Courts.

In an application submitted by Advocate Vishal Tiwari, he requested that Hardcore Criminals and Dreaded Gangsters be produced before the trial courts by video conference rather than physically.

The current application is part of a PIL filed before the Supreme Court requesting the issuing of specific directions, policies, and regulations for the safety of judicial officers, advocates, and the legal fraternity as a whole. (Union of India vs. Vishal Tiwari).

On Friday, a frightening incident of gunfire occurred in a courtroom at Delhi’s Rohini Court. According to accounts in the media, gangster Jitendra Gogi was shot and killed in broad daylight today at Rohini court. According to media reports, three other people were murdered in the firefight in addition to Gogi. When Gogi was carried into the courtroom, he was attacked by assailants posing as lawyers. According to witnesses, the judge and court officials were present when the awful occurrence occurred. During the shootout, images of litigants and lawyers running for safety have surfaced.

The Chief Justice of India is quite concerned about the incident and has discussed it with the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court. It’s worth noting that the Supreme Court is now hearing a suo motu case concerns the protection of judicial officers and court facilities, which was filed after Jharkhand Judge Uttam Anand was slain in Dhanbad. Advocate Tiwari’s application has sought directions to the States to open armed police posts in District Court Complexes and at the Taluka level judiciary, citing the fact that several District courts lack any kind of armed police post to provide security to judges, lawyers, court staff, and litigants.

Furthermore, orders have been sought to install CCTV cameras in those District court facilities that do not already have them, in order to ensure that every incident is captured in its entirety.

The petitioner claims that in rural areas and District Courts, many litigants arrive in large groups with their aids in order to put pressure on the opposing party, and that such an unwelcome crowd or persons should not be allowed on the court grounds with any litigant.

The petitioner has also stated that, in addition to protecting judges and judicial officers from threats to their lives, it is also critical to secure the courts’ facilities and the entire court complex against any attack by militants or other criminals.

“There are always large crowds at the court complex and in the rooms where litigants, lawyers, court personnel, judges, visitors, witnesses, and many others must come, meet, talk, and be examined since there are hundreds of cases to be resolved. If proper security measures are not in place in such a case, security becomes vulnerable “As mentioned in the application.

According to the application, when security is weak, criminals can easily blend in with the masses to conceal their identities, resulting in a serious issue that disrupts the tranquil environment in which judges are supposed to operate.

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