The National Vice President for the Bhartiya Janta Party Dilip Ghosh has alleged that some party members of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) have attacked him. The workers, whom the BJP leader referred to as ‘TMC goons’ are also accused by him of ‘plotting to kill him’ during his campaign for Bhabanipur bypoll in West Bengal. Ghosh also shared videos from the incident, and TMC has responded by stating that their workers were threatened by the BJP.

Amid this political debacle that took a violent turn, Election Commission has sought an official report from the West Bengal state government over the incident. The scuffle between the party workers of the BJP and TMC saw Ghosh’s security guards pointing their guns at the crowd to disperse them. Taking to twitter to share a video of the turmoil, the party Vice President, pointing to Mamta Banerjee, questioned the safety of the common man in the state when a public representative is being attacked in Bhabanipur, which is the home turf of Madam Chief Minister. Ghosh also questioned if healthy elections can be conducted after such a heinous, horrific nature shown by the members of the state ruling party.

Bengal government has reported to the Election Commission that eight persons have been respected in lieu of the incident and an FIR has also been filed. The violent clashes have occurred just as the bypolls are due to be conducted, and are a testimony to the worsening political scenario in West Bengal.

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