Global Photography Competition 2021

The Center for Equity and Social Inclusion at AAF is committed to deepening democracy and developing our body politics. We aim to do this by enhancing the enjoyment of social, economic and cultural rights by excluded communities. This Centre aims at the development of work carried out in community mobilization, networking, research and sports provided. The Exclusion and discrimination against Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims and other socially backward people is extremely pervasive in the communities of our society and we want to work towards improving that. Even women, children and young people in these communities suffer in terms of access to education, employment and governance. Poverty, disability, physical / geographical inconveniences, forms of illness and other specific characteristics of the environment make the situation more complicated, and continuous efforts are required to address and solve the problems of exclusion, independently and cross-sectorally.


To conduct advocacy-oriented research, social justice audits and policy advocacy.

To pilot demonstration interventions in key areas of education and employment.

To bringing all sections of society together; excluded communities, national actors, civil society organizations, business sectors, etc.

To develop resources and capabilities on the issue of inclusiveness, exclusion, equity, and training modules on equity and social inclusion through field research and production of learning materials (research articles, policy briefs, position articles, documentaries, etc.).

To strengthen contacts with professionals, human rights activists, academics, civil society organizations and networks, including Adivasi, Dalit and Muslim leaders across India.

Global Photography Competition 2021



Ready to accept Photography challenge on social issues.

16 years+ students, professionals or others.

Photo limit: 1 per participant

Nationality is no more a boundary.

No registration fees.


Sustainable Development Goals In Global Pandemic


1. Phone photography is also acceptable.

2. In photo editing only global editing i.e. cropping and adjustment of hue/saturation; brightness/contrast levels are allowed. Photo-morphing, manipulations or local editing is not allowed.

3. Individual photo-captions must be included.

4. Do not include your credentials (name, address etc), watermarks in the picture or the frame. Such photos will be disqualified.

5. The decision of the organizing committee will be final and binding.

6. Any sign of plagiarism will lead to disqualification.

7. Judging Criteria: Relevance to theme, Creativity and likes received.

8. Post your submissions on

9. Results will be announced after 30 days of concluding submissions.

10. Last Date is 2nd November 2021


Cash Rewards, prizes and gifts

Internship Opportunities

World-wide Recognition

Certificate of Appreciation to all

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