New Delhi: Kanhaiya Kumar steps in the Congress Party

Mr Kanhaiya Kumar, the former leader of the Communist Party of India (CPM) changed his political flag by joining the Indian National Congress Party on Tuesday, 28th September, 2021.  He decided to move forward in his political career by walking under the banner of the Congress Party. Therefore, he formally stepped into the Congress Party at the Congress Head Quarter in the presence of veteran politician and Lok Sabha MP, Mr Rahul Gandhi.

In addition to this, Mr Jignesh Mevani, the Gujarat MLA also came in for praise of Congress ideology but did not join the party formally. Congress Party while inducting Kanhaiya Kumar as a new member of the party said that Kanhaiya Kumar is a symbol of the fighting spirit for freedom of expression in the country. His inclusion will “will enthuse our workers”, said senior leader and Party general secretary, Mr K.C. Venugopal.

Thereafter, in a statement, Mr Kanhaiya Kumar said, “I am joining the Congress because I strongly feel that if the country has to be saved, the congress will have to survive”. Adding to his statement, he also said, “Congress party is like a large ship. If it survives, all other smaller parties will also survive”.

With the induction of Kanhaiya Kumar, Congress is hoping to strengthen its position and also improve its performance in Bihar, where it has had a marginal influence for quite a time now.      

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