INTERNATIONAL New Zealand tightens terror law after recent IS-linked attack

On 30th September, Thursday, NEW ZEALAND passed a new security law that criminalizes preparing a terror attack. This rule will tighten the loophole that was recently exposed by a man who conducted a mass stabbing in country’s most populated city.

New Zealand has been on the move for months to tighten its security rules amid fears of a single terrorist attack, but a new law was passed in its parliament after Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen stabbed and injured seven people at a supermarket in Auckland earlier this month.

It is now a crime to plan and organize an attack, which was said by Kris Faafoi, New Zealand’s Minister of Justice, to comply with security rules in line with many other countries.

“The state of terrorism has changed. Around the world there are more isolated actors, there are larger organized groups,” Mr Faafoi said in a statement in an email.

The new law comes less than a month after police shot dead Samsudeen, a 32-year-old Sri Lankan, shortly after he launched his attack.

Samsudeen was convicted and jailed for about three years before being released in July.

New Zealand in 2020 successfully sought to sue Samsudeen on terrorism charges after purchasing a hunting knife and found with Islamic State videos.

However, the judge ruled that Samsudeen had not called for New Zealand’s terrorist laws at the time. He was released, despite being detained for 24 hours in police custody.

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