Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin: Allegations of safety issues at company

The U.S. Federal Aviation Authority has said it will review concerns about safety raised by whistleblowers at Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’s space company. The announcement comes after 21 current employees who had previously claimed the company was ignoring safety complaints in order to get a chance at the space race. Employees also complained about the culture of discrimination within the company. Blue Origin has dropped the charges and says it stands by its security record.

A spokesman for the company said it provides a wide range of services to employees, including an anonymous 24/7 hotline, and will promptly investigate any new allegations of misconduct. Staff led by former Blue Origin’s former head of internal communications, Alexandra Abrams, made the remarks in letters sent by the FAA before they were published on the complaining website, Lioness, on Thursday. Many authors of this article say that they will not fly in the Blue Origin vechile, the letter added. The FAA, which oversees the launch of rockets in the US, has said it takes all security allegations seriously, and the agency is reviewing the details

In addition to safety concerns, employees also say that company executives adopt a certain type of gender where many executives and senior staff members show misconduct against women. Ms Abrams told CBS News, which first reported the allegations, she had never received any warnings related to foreign asset control issues. In July the company made its first rocket voyage, New Shepard, and Mr Bezos onboard.

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