Former Chief Minister of Punjab Capt. Amarinder Singh who has now been replaced by Charanjit Singh Channi had met Union Home Minister Amit Shah yesterday in Delhi. This had sparked rumours that Captain, who resigned from his post because he felt ‘humiliated’ over the higher command’s distrust in his capabilities as a leader, might be in talks to join the Bharatiya Janta Party.

This has however been clearly denied by him as in a statement, Amarinder Singh has claimed that the meeting with the Union Minister of the ruling party was to hold discussions over the three controversial farm laws. Former Punjab CM has remarked that he is indeed leaving the Congress for good, he will not be joining the Bharatiya Janta Party still. On being asked whether he will be floating to another political party after he’s no longer a member of Congress, the party he has been affiliated to for almost 50 years, Singh has replied that whatever will happen, everyone will get to know then and he is not someone who takes huge decisions in a split second.

The 79-year-old has been slamming Navjot Singh Sidhu for quite some time now, and has reiterated that he is not a team person but merely a crown puller, and that the higher command should make sure to not let him have an opportunity to get in command of things as it will have drastic outcomes for the party and the state of Punjab.

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