PM Modi launches Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban 2.0, AMRUT 2.0

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban 2.0 and AMRUT 2.0 on August 1, 2021. The missions have been designed to make all our cities ‘Garbage Free’ and ‘Water Secure.

The Swach Bharat Mission 2.0 has been launched with the aim of making the cities garbage-free. PM Narendra Modi said while launching the mission “that with the 2nd phase, we also aim sewage and safety management, making cities water-secure and ensuring that dirty nullahs don’t merge into  rivers.”

PM Modi also said on the occasion, “This 2nd phase of Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban 2.0 & AMRUT 2.0 is also an important step in fulfilling dreams of BR Ambedkar. It’s our privilege that today’s program has been organised at BR Ambedkar Center. He believed that urban development was pivotal to equality.”

PM Modi said, “Toffee wrappers are no more thrown on floors but kept in pockets. Kids alert elders not to litter around. The youth are taking initiative. Some are earning wealth from waste, while some are creating awareness. There is segregation of dry and wet waste, there’s awareness.”

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