The Veteran Politician is about to leave Congress

Indian National Congress is going through a tough patch of time, where there rose many controversies among the leaders in the party and also raising questions about the incapacity of leadership at the top. Every now and then, the Congress Party is in News of struggling hard and the veteran politicians are leaving the party, which has now become a daily routine for the Party to experience. A Similar situation again found to happen, when Captain Amarinder Singh, the former Chief Minister of Punjab scorching all the speculations made it clear on Thursday, 30 September, 2021 that he is about to leave the Congress Party and also would not join BJP.

Adding to that, he said that the oldest party of the country is not in a good condition and is going downhill, slipping its position in the Indian Political arena. He is not satisfied with senior leaders being constantly neglected and that is the major reason for the downfall, he feels.

Captain Singh clearly stated before the press media that he had made his mind to leave the Congress after a long association, over getting ‘utterly humiliated’ and was ‘not trusted’.  He said in his words, “I will resign. will not stay in the Congress Party”. Adding that he is still thinking and concerned about the interest of the Punjab, whose security is the topmost priority for him.

He continues his statement said, “I will not be treated in this humiliating manner. I will not take such insults”. In addition, he also said that his principles and belief do not allow him to stay any longer in the Congress Party.  He slammed Congress Party for not hearing to senior leaders and was sidelined by the new generation of politicians.  “Unfortunately, this is not good for the Party to run along”, Mr Singh said. 

Slamming Navjot Singh Sidhu, he continues the tough hurdles between him and the Sidhu, where he called latter as “mere crowd-puller and do not know how to carry the team along”.       

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