Constitutional Guarantees meaningless without ensuring equal access to justice for all : CJI NV Rammana

The CJI said on Saturday that to ensure the constitutional guarantee of equality , equal justice is necessary .

The CJI and chief of NALSA were addressing the speech at Pan-India Awareness from vigyan Bhawan , Delhi , president RamNath kovind a chief guest and other legal luminaries like justice Kiren Rijju , Justice UU Lalit were honouring the occasion .

CJI said that it is undeniable fact that only inclusiveness can ensure strong democracy and sustainable development . Our constitutional framers were well aware of the difference in social and economical standards of people so they focussed on welfare state , without it, it would be impossible to attain the inclusive access to justice .

But it will be meaningless if marginal sections can’t enforce their rights . Countries where social and economic gap is bigger the accessibility to justice also becomes harder . Law interjects everywhere in matters of inheritance , Business , employment etc. , unfavoring medical treatment , unequal wages can call to litigation .

It is duty of all 3 organs of state to create awareness about legal knowledge and legal aid . It is very important to make people believe that law is for everyone this awareness . This awareness will prove to be a galvanising force to make a better future with liberated citizens .

CJI admired the work of NALSA , since it’s inception it has provided services to laks of people , but now responsibility is far bigger , it’s goal should be to reach the help to remotest corners of the weakest person of India .

He appealed the media to partner with NALSA covering than so to advance cause of justice for all , it will be their biggest service to nation .

CJI also mentioned that he talked with law minister and he assured that collegium recommendation will be cleared soon .

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