The farm protests that have been going on for almost two years now have again created controversial news headlines. In the most recent turn of events, a group of over a hundred farmers was gathered outside the residence of Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. This was specifically against the delayed procurement of paddy in Punjab and Haryana till 10th October by the central government. The procurement was supposed to have begun on the very first day of the month of October to 11th.

The videos of the incident of a clash between the police and the farmers are doing the rounds and they show the farmers breaking barricades, while the police officers using water cannons in response to these actions on the side of the protestors.

Commenting on these clashes that took place outside Khattar’s residence in Karnal, Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij has remarked that the agitation of farmers has been getting worse and more violent day by day. Taking to twitter, Vij also said that this is the kind of violent movement that would not be allowed in Mahatma Gandhi’s country. He asked for patience during agitation from the leaders of the farm movement.

While on the procurement issue, the Union Government has cited the delay being in the interest of everyone including the farmers and consumers, because the maturity of the paddy grains is delayed due to the untimely rains lately.

Notably, Punjab and Haryana have both witnessed heavy protests amid the issue of postponement. Recently appointed Chief Minister of Punjab had a meeting with PM Modi over the delay and has reportedly requested the Centre to withdraw the decision of postponement by as many as ten days.

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