Swachhta Abhiyan special in the Ministries of Health, Chemicals and Fertilizers from October 2 to 31


According to the guideline issued on September 29, the cleaning of buildings and premises, the removal of waste, demolished furniture, sewage, and the cleaning and maintenance of the seating areas are carried out under the special Swachhta Abhiyan.

The Union Minister, Mansukh Mandaviya, responsible for health, chemicals and fertilizers, has instructed all departments and offices of these two ministries to move from the second of the buildings and rooms, the disposal of waste, furniture demolished, sewage, and cleaning and maintenance. from the seating areas to the special arrangement made by Swachhta Abhiyan.

“From October 2 to October 31, the ministry and department can make a special trip in Swachhta Abhiyan and all affiliated offices, subordinate offices, corporations, autonomous bodies / UPM, etc. under administrative control,” he said.

 There is a need to get rid of files and renderings that have been pending for a long time. Sorting old records according to the record-keeping plan should also be done during this time, the guide says.

 The guide to preparing daily reports with before and after photographs is attached to a set form, and a checkpoint can be set to collect the report on a daily basis, she said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched the second phase of the Swachh Bharat Mission, the Urban and Atal Mission for Urban Rejuvenation and Transformation, and stated that these missions aim to make cities litter-free and safe in the Water.

 Modi said that the new phases of these missions are also an important step towards fulfilling the dreams of B. R. Ambedkar.

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