According to Jim Corbett National Park’s Director, the name of the park may soon be changed to “Ramganga National Park”. He has added that the Union Minister for Forest and Environment Ashwini Kumar Choubey had recently visited the National Park located in Uttarakhand, and spoke about this renaming then only.

Reportedly, in the visitor’s book Choubey had written the park’s name as ‘Ramganga National Park’ instead of its current name. During his visit on 3rd October this week, it was also announced by the minister that a tiger safari will be created at the Dhela rescue centre in Ramnagar, the formalities for which are nearly completed and final announcement of the same is expected to be made soon.

Choubey also commented on the announcement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the creation of a tiger reserve in Pakhro and has been quoted as saying that “the work towards the same is presently underway”.

Remarking on the relocation of the families currently living inside the area, the Union Minister has promised a monetary compensation of Rs. 15 lakhs. The relocation is supposed to take place within the vicinity of the national parks and aims to provide the people with better facilities including electricity, water etc.

Jim Corbett National Park was launched in the year 1936 and the renowned government initiative, Project Tiger was first launched in this park. It is on the banks of the Ramganga reservoir and is home to a large variety of fauna including tigers, leopards and wild elephants. Currently named after the legendary conservationist and naturalist Jim Corbett, the proposal now is to rename it after the river Ramganga.

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