Following the National Defense Authorization Act, the Supreme Court has allowed girls to apply for military school admission for the 2022 term

The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the Centre to make preparations for girls to get admitted to the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) by enabling them to sit for the next examination on December 18, 2021, for the term starting in June 2022. The Centre has been instructed to publish new advertising in this regard. Aishwarya Bhati, the Additional Solicitor General, told the Bench of Justice SK Kaul and Justice MM Sundresh that preparations for the upcoming December 18, 2021 exam were already well underway, and she asked the Court for permission to allow girls to be inducted into the RIMC and Rashtriya Military School for the term beginning in January 2023.

The Bench, on the other hand, rejected this argument, holding that 6 months was more than enough time to make proper preparations for the entry of girls for the June 2022 session. “Why do you want to postpone for a year when you are basically postponing everything? You’ll have six months “While speaking to ASG Bhati, Justice Kaul said.

In addition, ASG Bhati informed the Court that the deadline for submitting applications for the December 18, 2021 exam is October 30, 2021.

“The examination procedure is now advanced, and there are obstacles,” ASG Bhati added, pleading with the Court to approve her request for the purpose of balance of convenience. “We are not suggesting there are no difficulties…just take one step farther,” Justice Kaul said in response to such a request.

“Is it necessary to bar girls from taking the exam set for December 18, 2021?” the Court inquired. The Court then went on to note in its order that the respondent authorities must adjust the exam preparation work done for the December 18 exam and allow girls to take the exam.

The Court also ordered that steps be taken to increase the number of girls inducted into military institutions on a regular basis. The mode of execution, however, was left to the respondent authorities’ discretion.

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