No more assistance to Pakistan, hold Imran Khan accountable now: Ex-US advisor

Emphasizing that Pakistan has had both approaches for a long time, the former US national security adviser during the Trump Administration has advised lawmakers of any new aid to Islamabad. Giving evidence before a powerful Congressional committee on Afghanistan. Gen H R McMaster, said the US wanted the Pakistani prime minister to answer for his remarks after the fall of Kabul in August. I don’t think we should provide help in Pakistan. I think Pakistan had both a long way to go.

I think Pakistan has to deal with its behavior over the years that has had an impact, I think, especially in this outcome, McMaster said. It was during the Trump administration that the US blocked all security assistance in Pakistan. Responding to a question from Congressman Scott Perry, during a congressional hearing convened by the Foreign Affairs Committee, McMaster said it was a good idea to remove Pakistan’s status as a major non-NATO ally.

I can only say a time when I think we have set a clear and true test for South Asia and have prioritized a strategy for President Trump’s speech in August 2017. Now, he left and doubled Obama’s administrative mistakes. Congressman Bill Keating said Pakistan was still a problem and the United States needed to look into it. If you made a change in 2001 in Afghanistan and rebuilt the Taliban that started in 2005, they were there to help, by all accounts, and I believe those accounts are accurate.

Indeed, until the change in government in Pakistan, there were many people who suggested that their ingenuity be integrated with them, ”said Keating. Pakistan’s relationship with the Haqqani network is a major concern. «We would go out and come out, and they did not want to stay with the Taliban as a mortal enemy. So, I think re-examination is always good, but let’s re-examine it with a clear eye on the dangers now that the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan and created a whole region. »

McMaster told lawmakers that the Taliban was funded by ISI and that is why they recaptured Afghanistan. «The Taliban’s divisive advantage was the support of the ISI of other parties. They have not stopped their separation. The Taliban, meanwhile, have surrounded units in Afghanistan, saying,” Hey, this is going to happen.

With the support of the Pakistani ISI, which is affiliated with the Haqqani network and Al-Qaida, they have informed the authorities, McMaster said.

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