Sanjay Raut slammed BJP over the issue of detention of opposition leaders

The political leader belonging to the Shiv Sena Party, Mr Sanjay Raut and also the Member of Parliament lashed out at the BJP run government for stopping the opposition leaders from reaching the Lakhimpur Kheri region. He also questioned the government whether Uttar Pradesh has turned into Pakistan as Indians have been stopped constantly from entering the State. Adding to that, he said the state administration has been imposing section – 144 of CrPC in the Lakhimpur Kheri but opposition leaders are detained in Lucknow.

Speaking to the media personnel on the deadliest violence of Lakhimpur Kheri where eight people were murdered on Sunday. The senior Shiv Sena Leader, Mr Sanjay Raut said in his statement, “Section 144 of CrPC is imposed in Lakhimpur Kheri and you (the government) are arresting (the opposition leaders) in Lucknow. What kind of law is this? Is UP is in Pakistan where the Indians are stopped from going? There is a restriction of movement from one state to another. Is this a new lockdown?”  In further continuation of the statement, he said, “The administration is like a caged parrot of the ruling party and it follows whatever the instruction is given by the government. There is evidence of a vehicle running over the farmers…”

Mr Raut is constantly throwing arrows of questions to the ruling party where he said, “Priyanka Gandhi has been arrested, Rahul Gandhi is being stopped (from boarding a flight), a state CM is also stopped. What crime they have committed? Is there a new constitution in the country?”

He has also declared that all opposition parties keeping all heads together might discuss on the issue of Lakhimpur violence and the continuation of the farmer’s protest. They would also discuss whether delegation should be sent to the Lakhimpur Kheri.  

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