US Submarine hits an unidentified object in the south China sea

The U.S. nuclear submarine struck an unknown object while submerged in the Asia-Pacific region, injuring many sailors, US officials said. It was unclear what caused the incident on Saturday, they said. The submarine continued to operate fully. The incident happened during tensions in the region.

The U.S. Maritime Organization has stated that the magnitude of the damage is still being determined and that the nuclear and nuclear propulsion part of the submarine has not yet been affected. The statement did not give details of where the incident took place or how many people were injured, only said that the injury was not a health hazard. They were all treated on board submarine. The officials said the incident took place while the submarine was conducting normal operations and that the Navy had not made the news public before Thursday in order to maintain security operations.

According to the AP, the officials said the USS Connecticut collision was not another submarine. The incident, he said, “was unusual but unheard of” and revealed how busy the area was with military operations. The submarine was later reported to be heading for US territory in Guam. USNI News, a special aide to the U.S. Army, said the last known incident when a submerged American submarine struck another underwater vessel was in 2005, when the USS San Francisco hit a submarine at full speed near Guam. One sailor was killed in the crash.

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