Plea Before Kerela High Court Seeks Removal Of PM Photograph From Vaccination Certificate

A writ petition in Kerela High Court challenging the photograph of PM Narendra Modi which comes in the vaccination certificate issued on vaccination of covid-19.

Petitioner had a paid vaccination by private hospital , soon he got the certificate which contains the photo of prime minister . He argued that no purpose is solved by using his photo, will cause no harm to the state or government policy if it will be removed .

Certificate is merely conforming the status of vaccination , no need to give extra motivation or message , it is absolutely redundant . No other countries are using photos of their leaders , plaintiff has been vaccinated voluntarily and no preaching should be done .

It is violating the viewers right , he is compelled to see his photo and message , violation of right given under Article 19(1)(a) .

Also added that certificate includes his medical report and personal details which is his personal space , question raised that whether he is entitled to receive certificate without photo as he received paid vaccine .

He hasn’t opted for paid vaccination but because of non-availability of slots , state shouldn’t be credited by inserting the photograph of hon’ble PM .

  • Common cause v. Union of India

No person should be credited and celebrated for the achievement of certain policy of state at government expense .

He is not only PM but also leading a political party , In garb of government policies , he is designing the compaigns in a way to help his political career .

Prayer – COWIN website should generate another certificate without PM Photo .

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