Suicide attack on Afghanistan Mosque kills at least 50

A suicide bombing in a Mosque area of ​​the Afghan city of Kunduz has killed at least 50 people, officials said, in the deadliest assault since US troops left. The bodies were found scattered inside the Said Abad mosque, used by the Shia Muslim community. The IS suicide bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a gathering of worshipers at a mosque on Friday. The UN spoke of a bomb blast on Sunday near a Muslim church in the capital, Kabul, which left several people dead, and a madrassa attack on the town east of Khost on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the US has said strategists will hold face-to-face talks with Taliban leaders since Afghanistan’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. In two days of meetings, the United States would pressure the Taliban to respect women’s rights, build an inclusive government and allow humanitarian organizations to operate, a State Department spokesman said. The focus was on a funeral prayer attended by a number of senior Taliban leaders in Kabul on Sunday, and there were incidents of minor attacks in the eastern provinces of Nangarhar and Kunar, where the IS had previously held its stronghold. The Taliban say they have arrested dozens of IS members and are believed to have killed other suspects in connection with the group, but publicly they have also played down the threat IS poses

Many Afghan people were hoping that the Taliban’s takeover would at least signal a peaceful era, if it was a dictatorship. But IS represents a major threat to the Taliban’s promise of improved security.

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