“Culture of India incomplete without Lord Ram:” Allahabad High Court urges Parliament to enact law to honor Lord Ram, Lord Krishna

Single judge Justice Shekhar Yadav made these observations while granting bail to one Surya Prakash who had allegedly made obscene remarks against Lord Ram and Lord Krishna on Facebook.

The Allahabad High Court recently observed that Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Ramayana, Gita and its authors Maharishi Valmiki and Maharishi Ved Vyas, are part of the heritage of the country and need to be given national honor by bringing a law in the Indian Parliament (Akash Jatav alias Surya Prakash v. State of UP).

“The obscene remarks made by the accused / applicant about the great men of India, Lord Shri Ram and Shri Krishna, is an injury to the faith of the majority of the people of this country and it spoils the peace and harmony in the society and innocent people have to bear the brunt of it,” the Court said.

Further, it was also remarked that if the court is lenient with such people, it will be a morale booster for them and their conduct will spoil the harmony in the country.

While granting bail to Prakash, the Court referred to Supreme Court’s decision in Ram Janmabhoomi dispute and said it was in favor of those who believe in “Ram” of this country.

“Ram resides in the heart of every citizen of this country, he is the soul of India. The culture of this country is incomplete without Rama,” Justice Yadav added

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