Taiwan won’t bow to Beijing’s pressure, says President Tsai

Ms Tsai, in her State of the Nation Address in Taipei, said “Taiwan’s stance on cross-strait relations remains the same: our determination or commitment will not change.” “We want the situation to be maintained now, and we will do everything possible to prevent the current situation from being transformed by disagreement,” she said, adding that “resolving disagreements requires both sides of the road to participate in negotiations on the basis of unity.”

“We are hopeful that the relationship between the roads will be reduced and we will not act hastily, but there should be no speculation that the people of Taiwan will respond to the pressure,” said Ms Tsai.

The situation has been tense, with the Chinese military recently releasing a series of airstrikes in Taiwan’s Zone Defense Identification Zone, with a record 38 air strikes on October 1, with China celebrating National Day, followed by 39 on October 2 and 56 on October 4. Taiwan’s defense minister has described the current conflict as the worst in 40 years.

Mr Xi on Saturday vowed that “the reunification would be successful” and warned of any “external disruption” in Taiwan’s question, which is at the heart of China-US ties. He was speaking in Beijing on the day before 10 October, labeled in Taiwan as National Day and celebrated in China as the anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution in 1911 that led to the fall of the Qing Empire and the establishment of the Republic of China. After the Chinese civil war, Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang fled to Taiwan and declared Taipei the capital of the ROC (Republic of China) in 1949, while Mao Zedong’s Communist Party founded the People’s Republic of China. The Communist Party still considers Taiwan as its “province” and has promised to “unite” as its goal.

Ms Tsai said Taiwan “will continue to strengthen our national defense and demonstrate our commitment to self-defense to ensure that no one can force Taiwan to take the path China has set for us.” “This is because the path set by China does not provide a free and democratic way of life in Taiwan, or nor sovereignty for our 23 million people,” she said.

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